Introducing: The Collective Trust Strategy  (tm) - Super Charging IRA`s,401-k`s & Company Plans
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Jeff Ahern Owner / Founder


Your Personal Financial Help Center!  Special Retirement Edition.($19.95 at all book stores)

by Bruce Sankin



This book will tell you:

  •  How to choose the right annuity for retirement! 
  •  Information on maximizing Social Security benefits. 
  • What to look for in Life Insurance & Long Term Care Insurance.
  • Elder Care Law to protect your hard earned money in case of illness.
  • The importance of your answers on the 'Client Account Form'.
  • What you should know that could potentially save you money! and much more.


 The information in this book can potentially help you earn or save money as you build your retirement funds!


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is available as part of your personal and / or your
company sponsored retirement account.

IE: IRA, Roth, TSA,SEP, Self Directed IRA, 401K, etc.

Not an Annuity!
Insured / Bonded!
Absolute Growth / Gains!
NO Yearly Management Fees!
NO Market Rollercoaster / Risk!

WHAT IS UNIQUE? With this asset option, you know with a
certainty the minimum growth / gain when the account is funded.
The time horizon is 48 to 72 month’s plus or minus.

Actual Current: 1Mil grows to at least: $1,606,000
500K grows to at least: $ 793,257
250K grows to at least: $ 396,628
100K grows to at least: $ 160,600

New for 2012: IRS requires Benchmarking for retirement plans.
Ask for your complimentary comparison!